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    Ace Holman

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    The links and infromation on this page are related to learning morse.

    The Mill

    The "Mill" has been released to the public domain and can be downloaded from the link provided. Many thanks to David J. Ring, Jr., N1EA for his efforts in coordinating this.

    The "MILL" is being used by a number of us in the MTC to generate Morse Code at demonstrations, etc. The program can generate Morse code of your choosing and key a serial port so that you can use an interface to drive a sounder. You can also generate Morse code, selecting the 'tone' option and record the tones and at some later time play the tape with the speaker output of the recorder into a simple interface (tone decoder) which in turn can be connected to a key of your KOB. Turn on the recorder and you will generate nice Morse. The program also can generate International Morse code. Jim has been adding to his original program over the years. This program has no other equal!! If you are interested in learning Morse code, this program is for you. Jim also has a simulated sounder sound in his program.

    The Mill Download Links

    The Mill Courtesy of David J. Ring, Jr.

    The Mill - Backup Copy Courtesy of The Morse Telegraph Club

    SKCC Learning Center

    The Straight Key Centry Club has an interesting learning center with MP3 files and matching text files so you can listen and copy the code, while "reading" books.  This content was provided courtesy of John Dunlap, KF7BYU.