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    Ace Holman

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    MorseKOB Program

    MorseKOB is the PREFERRED application to use for American Morse communications on the internet.

    MorseKOB version 2.5 is now available. Click here and you can get to Les' website where you can download Les Kerr's MorseKOB (instructions, etc. as well). This application was written expressly for Morse Code with sounders clacking out the mother tongue! MorseKOB has quickly become the standard for Morse Telegraph Club members. If you are just learning American Morse, HERE is where you want to be!

    Come join us! There are continuous news, weather, and code practice broadcasts on wire #101-104, and there are sessions with live operators every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening at 8 PM Central Time on wire #1.

     Here are some links to information about the loop interface for your morse requipment with MorseKOB:

    MorseKOB Interface Options
    Turnkey Interface

    CWCom - CW Communicator

    Telegraphy on CWCOM; Server in Australia; "" or server in U.S.; ""  There are a half dozen or so telegraphers chatting on EACH EVENING! Most of the telegraphers on this server are using international morse or you can sometimes find DOT code used. We use a serial port to connect our key and sounder to the computer. It is not difficult to do. Click here and you will be routed to the website where you can download CWCOM.