Morse Telegraph Club CW Nets

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    Ace Holman

    Club Information


    CW Nets

    Frequency Time Day Notes
    3.544 Mhz 1800 CST Nightly
    7.084 Mhz 1630 UTC Saturday Morning W6MTC Net (SQ Chapter - All Welcome!)
    7.144 Mhz 0930 CST Mon, Wed, Fri

    Morse Telegraph Club Dial-Up Schedules

    Speed When
    Slow 1:00pm CST/2:00pm EST Saturday Afternoon
    Slow 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST Wednesday Evening
    Normal to Fast 3:00pm CST/4:00pm EST Saturday Afternoon
    Normal to Fast 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST Monday Evening