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    Ace Holman

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    Morse Telegraph Club, Inc.
    PO Box 181591
    Coronado,  CA.  92178

    General Inquires should be directed to:

    To submit an article for our Quarterly Journal entitled "Dots and Dashes," please contact:

    Current Directors
    Lake E.Trump, appointed 1987
    Lavina Shaw, appointed 1998. Retired as Intl. Pres. effective 4/30/2007, and as Director effective 1/1/2008
    *George J. Nixon, Jr., appointed 2024. Retired 11/1/2013
    James A. Wades, appointed 2024
    Tom Hamblin, appointed 2024
    Roland Normandeau, appointed 2024
    Robert Foote, appointed 2024
    *Cindy Galyen, appointed 2024

    * Persons never appointed as Director, but who are members of the Board of Directors per Section 1 of the By-Laws

    Former Directors Now Deceased
    Keith E. LeBaron, appointed 2024.
    Sidney K.Vaughan, appointed 1987. Deceased 4/18/2011
    J. W. "Bill" Ryan, appointed 2024. Deceased 9/16/2013
    A. Edgar "Ed" Cox, appointed 2024. Deceased 10/16 or 25/2012

    Honorary Past-International Presidents
    James R. Adkins
    William K. Dunbar
    Lavina Shaw