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Samuel Finley Breese Morse
April 27, 1791 - April 2, 1872

This website is dedicated to all the civilian and military telegraph operators throughout the history of the United States; this includes the civilian United States Military Telegraph (USMT) and the Confederate telegraphers during the American Civil War.

NOTE about online books:

All of the online materials you find here are provided absolutely FREE for historical research and preservation. 

The Electric Telegraph Reference Library has been gifted to the Morse Telegraph Club.  Original website created by Ted Wagner, K9TRW office call TW.  If you have electronic data you would like to contribute to the Morse Telegraph Club Library, please email Ted Wagner.

Please note that the PDF files contained within this website can be large in size.  In reproducing these documents, no effort has been made to alter the text contained with the respective text from which it was scanned.  The only correction made would be in rotation of the scanned image and image clarity.  I have made every effort to provide source information on content as accurately as possible.  I've made every attempt to include documents which are outside of the current copyright restrictions.  If you find error in source information, please email with any information which you may be able to provide.

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