The Morse Telegraph Club is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the perpetuation of the knowledge and traditions of telegraphy.  Our membership includes not only those from the craft of telegraphy, using Morse Code (American or International) either wire or wireless, but also includes those who are actively involved in the goals and initiatives of our organization.  These goals are, but not limited to, preserving the heritage of telegraphy and educating the public on the history of Morse telegraph communications.  Click Here for a membership application.

Most of our members who use the internet use the following Yahoo Group for discussions:  Slowspeedwire

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Several events have been added to our calendar.  Please click this link to view the calendar



Florida Chapter members will be on hand in the old Seaboard Air Line Railway Sulphur Springs, FL depot to display and demonstrate antique and replica telegraph instruments and equipment during this one day annual event. The depot is now located on the grounds of the Heritage Village museum, located at 11909 125th Street North, Largo. Hours 10AM-4PM


 New York Times Morse Wire Last Day 1951
Many thanks to David J. Ring for providing the cleaned up audio.
Published by J. Ralph Graham with added introduction by David J. Ring, Jr. who converted the file to electronic format.
Be sure to check out the History Detectives video on the Transatlantic Cable!

Nice video of the MTC at Hamvention 2010 in Dayton featuring Derek Cohn.
Jim Wades reports that the 2010 Hamvention was a HUGE success.  Lots of interest in MTC.
Online Forum Participation
Although membership in the Morse Telegraph Club requires the payment of annual dues, participation in our forums is open to everyone. 
Participation in our online club forum requires you to be registered and we validate that you are indeed a human. 
Due to an over-proliferation of attempts to register accounts not tied to humans (spam and "bot created"), registration must be done manually.
If you are not a member of the forum and would like to participate int he forums, please send a forum registration request to
Please include just a brief note about yourself (what chapter you are from, etc.) and we will create your account.


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